Data Submission

euCanSHare data providers can submit their data to the leader repositories in Genomics and biomedical imaging data in Europe, such as the European Genome-Phenome Archive and EuroBioimaging, respectively.

European Genome-Phenome Archive is a service for permanent archiving and sharing of genomic human data.

Data providers can leverage this infrastructure for depositing genomics-related datasets, which will be accessible under the appropriate authorization policies.

EuroBioImaging is the selected repository for the deposition of biomedical imaging data in euCanSHare.

The infrastructure relies on the XNAT open-source platform for importing, archiving, visualizing, assessing quality, post-processing and securely distributing imaging and study-related data.

Do you want to become a cohort data provider?

euCanSHare provides the infrastructure and tools for data cohorts management, and analysis.

Data providers are encouraged to upload cohorts data to the platform, and make it searchable through the euCanSHare Data Catalogue, in a controlled manner.

If you are interested, please, take a look at the documentation section.