Platform's registration is open to new users, who automatically are granted with basic privileges to sign-up into the different EuCanSHare services.

Below is discussed how extra privileges are gained.

For registering, just click the "Login" button on the main navigation menu, at the top-right corner.

Then, following a simple two-steps authentication flow, just click the "Register" button and fill in the details for your new account.

A verification code is going to be sent to your email account. Please, note that the code expires after 5 minutes.

Given an expiration error, just "Login" the portal again and a message will appear offering you to re-send a new the verification code.

If you do not receive the email, contact us - after checking your spam inbox.

oBiBa's services registration

For a first access to the Data Catalogue (or any other Obiba’s application managing cohort’s datasets and studies), some user’s data needs to be explicitly confirmed.

  • Logging to the platform ( by clicking the "Login" button on the top navigation bar.
  • Go to “Data Catalogue” tab Click the "Access euCanSHare catalogue” button. You will be redirected to a pre-filled registration form.
  • Check that the data is correct and click "Join".

In case of needing administrative privileges in oBiBa's stack services, please click here