After registration, you are able to sign-in to all EuCanSHare services with your new credentials.

Login to the Analysis platform

Although EuCanSHare services automatically authenticate you, on a first login each application might require extra information on the new account - like acceptance of terms of use, membership joining, extra personal data details.

For instance, when first accessing to the analysis platform at "Data Analysis""Access", the Virtual Research Environment will demand the following information:

Login to oBiBa's services

a. Login to Central Opal:
  • Go to the “Cohorts Mgt.” tab
  • Click "GO" in “Central Opal” section
  • Click “Sign in with euCanSHare”

b. Login to euCanSHare's Mica:
  • Go to the “Cohorts Mgt.” tab
  • Click "GO" in “euCanSHare Mica” section

c. Login to the Data Catalogue:
  • Go to “Data Catalogue” "Access euCanSHare catalogue”